Mums All Together

Pregnancy can cause physical, mental, and emotional stress on both the body & mind. Mums All Together endeavours to support those on their postpartum health & wellness journey.

A free group fitness pilates-based program designed for mums from 6-52 weeks postpartum.

The Why behind Mums All Together

The New Zealand public health system is currently not giving those who have recently given birth the physical, financial, and mental support that they need.

You may be feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or that your hands are full with a baby so it is hard to find any time for yourself. And let’s not forget that babies can make things a little financially difficult (but we love them nonetheless).

We wanted to create a space for you to feel part of a community whilst moving your body in a safe and supportive environment.

We need you, spread the word

Our aim is to reach and support as many women as possible in New Zealand with their postpartum recovery journey. To support the rehabilitation of their pelvic floor muscles after birth. It is important to raise awareness around women’s health postpartum and how important the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles is. A simple follow or share on social media will help us grow.

Mention Mums All Together to your company

Do you work in a company willing to support their employees going on maternity leave? Support your employees on their postpartum recovery journey and give them access to our Mums All Together youtube channel while they are on Maternity Leave.

Companies can now offer free access to our classes online or even offer in-person as part of their maternity leave package to support their employees who recently gave birth.

By adding this to your Maternity Leave Package, not only are you offering a dedicated program for your employee's physical and mental postpartum journey but you are also sponsoring other women in New Zealand to get free access to the program.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our in person program.

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