Meet Katie - mother and coach extraordinaire!

Meet Katie! Our incredible instructor who will be hanging out virtually with you on MAT At Home, our on demand platform. Katie is passionate about empowering women on their postpartum journeys, using her wealth of knoweldge and experience in pilates, the pelvic floor, and postpartum exercise.

Hey Katie, can you tell us how you came to be one of our MUMS ALL TOGETHER instructors?

I was introduced to Sam from MAT via a Pilates friend and after a huge chat about all things postpartum movement we caught up with Kevin and forged a plan to get me involved in providing some of the awesome online content for MAT. It’s great to be working alongside people who are truly passionate about catering to this specific population. I also love that MAT is a registered charity doing good things in our hood.

Can you give us some insight into how you discovered pilates and how this evolved into a strong interest with postpartum recovery.

I was a professional Dancer based out of London when I found Pilates and became a qualified instructor. It was the perfect accompaniment to my career for longevity, injury prevention and also a regular income between Dance jobs! Fast forward to moving to New Zealand and teaching pregnant and post partum clients, it didn’t really hit home how little practical and helpful information there is for new mums until I was a new mum myself, and then I realised I wanted to help other mums know what to do safely to repair and return to their chosen exercise regime.

If there is any advice that you could pass over to new Mums in their pre and especially post natal recovery, what would that be?

It’s not a race, honour your own body and what it needs. Postpartum is forever, and taking the time to rest, repair and rebuild can help you not just now, but through peri menopause, menopause and beyond too.

Do you look for inspiration?

I love to get inspired by music, by other people’s classes and by trying to take a step back every now and again! Getting outside into nature always feels good. I look to other instructors who I respect and I recently took up Aerial hoop and Pole dance too – I think its important to continue to do things for ourselves as individuals, coming back to our family, friends and responsibilities refreshed.

What advice would you give to someone that might have some hesitancy about joining their first MUMS ALL TOGETHER class?

Don’t be scared! You can take it at your own pace and the instructors are so warm and knowledgeable. You’ll definitely feel better for giving it a go, and the community is so supportive.

Lastly, can you share a little more about what you love to do outside of working with MUMS ALL TOGETHER?

I love hanging out with my cool little fam, running The Method NZ, eating good food, drinking coffee and trying to find that elusive work/life balance <3