Ensuring the well-being of your crew members is essential for maintaining a successful work environment.

Fitness All Together is dedicated to offering a unique solution tailored specifically for yacht crew members. We provide online live group fitness sessions, enabling remote participation for those who are or not on board.

With our fresh approach to promoting health and well-being in the yacht industry, our sessions are designed to be interactive, challenging, and, above all, enjoyable.

We are excited to collaborate with you and your crew, empowering you to stay active both on and off the ocean.


  • Online live private classes
  • Wide range of classes (HIIT, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga...)
  • Adapted workouts to any level of fitness
  • Flexible scheduling and 24/7 offering
  • Creative and fun way to move
  • No matter where you are in the world, Fitness All Together is here to support you.

No matter where you are in the world,

Fitness All Together is here to support you.


1. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE : With Fitness All Together, you have the freedom to schedule workouts that suit your time zone, regardless of the yacht's location.

2. COLLABORATIVE WORKOUTS: We provide the option for crew members to engage in group workouts, even while on leave, by syncing multiple devices for a shared fitness experience.

3. SPECIALISED TRAINERS: Our qualified instructors understand the unique challenges of working in the yachting industry and provide tailored guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

4. ON DEMAND ACCESS: While working with us you will also be able to offer them access to our on-demand platform access to a library of 70+ workouts.


What is Fitness All Together?
Can we train from anywhere in the world?
Are your workouts beginner friendly?
What type of classes do you offer?
How much does a session cost?
Can we train without internet on the boat?
Do I need any special equipment for the workouts?
Can I join the workouts if I'm on leave or off the yacht?