Yacht Coach Hannah

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your movement background?

Hi! I’m Hannah and I am a kettlebell + mobility coach. I have been involved in sports from a very young age; I ran, swam and played football and tennis when I was young. In high school, it was lacrosse and rowing. I received a rowing scholarship to Michigan State University, where I studied kinesiology, the science of human movement! Now I’m a coach, with a speciality in training kettlebells, handstands and crossfit.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice to build a Healthy routine on a yacht?
  1. Sleep - prioritise getting early nights, and when it's not always possible to go to bed early try napping during breaks and catching up on sleep when the guests leave.
  2. Movement - move your body! I promise you won’t regret a workout. Find the kind of movement that works for you and make an effort to fit it in everyday. There is always time for a few pushups or a quick mobility routine. Or jump-rope /skipping is a great cardio option that is both fast and effective!
  3. Keep it simple - It doesn’t need to be crazy complicated, heavy or hard! Find a movement style you enjoy and just go for it; I promise you will thank me afterwards!

Which advice would you give to an online first timer participant?

Take time to get to know what workout styles work for you. Try a variety in the beginning; yoga, resistance training, cardio. Once you figure out what you like & what makes your body feel good, give it your best shot & enjoy the learning process!

What are your 3 top body weight exercises?
  • Pistol squats/any single leg squat variation
  • Bear crawls
  • Flares

What should we expect when we are training with you?

I love to learn and I love to push, so when you are training with me, I will always have some skill work included in the workout… Burpee finishers are a favourite of mine; I have lots of different burpee variations that I can’t wait to share!