About Us

We are a full service outdoor group fitness community created to bring like minded individuals together to achieve their goals whilst outdoors.

Our ethos is simple; get your body moving outside with friends, crisp mornings, deep breaths and wind in your hair. We celebrate the quick, the slow, the fit and the not so fit, the party starters and the early homers.

Doing What We Do Best

Meet the Team

Sam - Operations manager & HIIT Coach

With a background as a dancer from a young age, Sam is passionate about the importance of movement to support our bodies in daily life. After implementing strength training into her own regime and seeing the benefits in all elements of daily life, physically & holistically, Sam now lives & breathes the movement industry. Be it while teaching dance to kids; coaching FAT classes or pounding pavements on long runs, Sam loves creating a space to move our bodies.
When not coaching classes, she's also our Operations Manager, keeping things ticking along here at FAT.

Kevin - Director & HIIT Coach
Sam - Pilates & HIIT
Taylor - HIIT Coach
Milly - Yoga Instructor
Madeline - HIIT Coach
Frankie - HIIT Coach
Hannah - Pilates Instructor
Scarlett - Yoga Instructor
Paul - HIIT Coach
Divashni - Pilates Instructor
Summer - Yoga Instructor


The Workout
What is FAT and how do I get involved?
Will I be okay if I’m a beginner or not already in shape?
How often should I go?
Where are you located?
What happens if it rains?
What if I have an Injury?
How many calories can I actually burn per class?
What if I am pregnant or have just had a baby?
Buying Membership and Class Packages
What options do I have for buying classes?
When does my membership start?
What is your refund policy?
Do you offer private group sessions?
Can I freeze my membership?
Do you offer gift cards?
Booking Your Spot
What is your cancellation policy?
What if I miss a class?
How far in advance can I reserve my class?
Can I move my reservation?