What does Well-Being mean on Superyachts

(Importance of wellbeing)

Taking care of your mental & physical health is an ongoing commitment. At Fitness All Together, movement is at the core of our philosophy, but we also prioritise connection and community. In the world of working on superyachts, where demands and stress can be high, we believe it's essential to prioritise mental health & well-being.

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We know that crew members may face social isolation, constant changes, and daily stressors, resilience is paramount. The nature of the job provides unpredictable variation and a lack of routine, which has been linked to negative impacts on mental health.

We recognise that poor mental health can manifest subtly, and we encourage a proactive approach to strengthening physical and mental well-being among superyacht crews. Is movement the solution to keep the balance? Well, we think it can definitely help and here are a few reasons:


We know that research shows that engaging in just 2.5 hours of recreational physical activity per week increases the chances of good mental well-being by 51%, and dedicating at least 4.5 hours per week boosts the odds to 65%.

We all love to sweat it out sometimes, but it's important to remember that movement doesn't always have to be high-intensity. Onboard, incorporating activities like yoga and meditation can effectively reduce stress levels, prevent depressive symptoms, and stimulate mood-boosting endorphins. Through a range of offerings, we can help support crew members in looking after both their physical and mental health.

(team building)

We know this commitment to movement leads to a healthier, more connected crew and a happier work environment on the superyacht. Moving together with your crew on a superyacht is a great way to bond and boost mental well-being creates camaraderie and unity among crew members:

  • Achieving fitness goals as a team fosters mutual support and motivation, strengthening the crew's bond.
  • It's a chance to talk openly and relax, relieving yacht life stress. Through shared challenges and successes, trust grows, creating a positive and supportive onboard community.
  • Establishing daily habits that prioritise movement, social connections, and fresh air can lead to positive and impactful changes.

Fitness All Together understands that physical activity can play a significant role in improving well-being, and our goal is to help superyacht crews build a positive relationship with movement.

At FAT, we aim to support you in this journey. Feel free to reach out to Sam.