The Journey of Talia before and after Pregnancy

Hi Talia, Can you tell us a bit more about you, your pregnancy, your baby?

Hi! I’m Talia, mum of baby Otto who was born early Jan (4 months old). Pre baby I worked at Shopify and also started an initiative Give Fit Back to help support fitness instructors during COVID.

I had a fairly smooth and enjoyable pregnancy, followed by a challenging birth and the first week in hospital with our little guy. Since then Otto has been happy and healthy and we’re now just riding the rollercoaster of growing a little human!

Otto really is the cutest boy - he’s full of character and personality and having him in the world is the best thing ever!

We can imagine how intimidating our first postnatal can be, what did make you do the first step?

I was a fairly active person pre pregnancy so I was very keen to get back into exercise as soon as possible, however found it quite daunting knowing how. Your body is just so weak and strained. I started with walking and at home virtual yoga classes, and once confident enough started post natal classes.

It was challenging getting back into it but it’s reassuring to know that the class and movements are safe and supportive to your post baby bod.

Doing your first class can be intimidating, particularly with baby in tow but it’s best to just rip the band aid off! You’ll feel great afterwards.

You have been one of the lucky one who tried MUMS ALL TOGETHER for the first time, how did you find the experience?

I was an avid FAT fan before pregnancy so I was very excited when they told me about these classes!

Loved the experience - being able to exercise alongside other mums and babies was fun and entertaining, and a good challenge (especially incorporating a wriggling 6kg weight).

Getting out of the house, giving the baby a new experience and building your strength back up is a win win win.

If there is any advice that you could pass over to new Mum’s in their pre and especially post natal recovery, what would that be?

Go easy on yourself! Your body is undergoing some pretty mind blowing changes and you’re using it in ways you never have before. Even small amounts of exercise, a walk around the block or a 10min yoga session, can make the world of difference in building your mental and physical strength back up.

How do you manage your new life having a baby? Ps: it’s ok to be vulnerable :)

It’s a rollercoaster! When people ask how it’s going, it’s hard to answer because every week, day, hour is different.

As with any good challenge, it’s incredibly rewarding and it’s added new depth and purpose to my life.

I think the biggest learning for me has been patience. I lived a pretty busy life but having a baby slows you right down and forces you to be a lot more present.

Lastly, what advice would you give to something that might have some hesitance jumping into a ‘MUMS ALL TOGETHER’ class?

Give it a go! It’s a great way to get out of the house, connect with other mums and give back to your body in a positive and supportive environment.

Everyone is in the same boat and no one will judge you or your baby - one class Otto spent half the class feeding and practising his new high pitch scream! Anything goes.