Mums All Together Coach Hannah

Meet Hannah ❣️ With a background in dance and pilates, Hannah has holds so much knowledge and inspiration to bring to our MAT At Home platform 🏡 Her classes are designed to build a foundation of strength, mobility and awareness, leaving you feeling empowered on your postpartum journey 🌸 Head to the link in our bio to get to know Hannah!

Hey Hannah, can you tell us how you came to be one of our MUMS ALL TOGETHER instructors?

Kevin was telling me about Mums All Together at one of the Fitness All Together sessions. I loved the idea and agree that there should be more support for new mums in NZ so was keen to get involved.

Can you give us some insight into how you discovered pilates and how this evolved into a strong interest with postpartum recovery.

Pilates became part of my ballet training from quite a young age and since then it’s always featured in my workout routine. In terms of post-partum recovery, pilates based exercise aligns really nicely with the physical recovery for a new mum. The exercises are low impact, core focused and help establish a strong mind-body connection.

If there is any advice that you could pass over to new Mums in their pre and especially post natal recovery, what would that be?

I’m not a mum so can’t speak from first hand experience, but my best advice is to be patient with your body, progress gradually and remember that every pre and post natal experience will be completely different so go at your own pace.

Where do you look for inspiration?

There are so many places to find inspiration but talking to people with different backgrounds and experiences is always so valuable.

What advice would you give to someone that might have some hesitance about joining their first MUMS ALL TOGETHER class?

One of the most refreshing things about MAT is that the vision is to make pilates accessible to all new mums. You don’t need a background in pilates or even exercise.

We don’t want it to feel exclusive or intimidating, everyone is there to feel a little stronger and hopefully feel part of a supportive community. MAT is so excited to offer this experience to new mums and loves seeing fresh faces join the classes - so come along because we really want you there!

Lastly, can you share a little more about what you love to do outside of working with MUMS ALL TOGETHER?

Movement is a non-negotiable in my life and I always feel best when I’m staying active but I’m also very happy exploring Auckland’s food scene. I also love to get out in nature on my days off and can’t wait to travel outside of NZ again soon!