RR COACH - Meet our S&C running coach Taylor

How is your personal running journey going?

For me, running comes and goes in waves. I love running, not always in the moment, but I find it comes naturally and I often feel motivated to run. I can remember as a kid, I would run around Kai Iwi lakes where I camped in summer almost daily and participated in school running events regularly so its been a huge aspect of my life. Running is my go-to when I need to move my body or get outside, especially when I'm craving the outdoors I find myself running. In the last two years, running has been a huge part of my active lifestyle. However, life has been a bit crazy lately, and running has been one of those things that has slipped off so I'm excited to regain momentum and have the Road Runners program keep me accountable and consistent :)

What has been your biggest personal achievement in running?

Running Auckland's half marathon last year was a major milestone for me. I’ve always loved running but never focused on participating in events. I was (kindly) peer-pressured into signing up last year, and for my first half marathon, I was pretty happy with my result. The entire event inspired me hugely!What motivates you to run?Good weather and the craving for outdoor time motivates me to run. I love feeling connected to my body, hearing and feeling everything as I run. Embracing the elements and experiencing the outdoors keeps me going.

What does FAT ROAD RUNNERS mean to you?

FAT ROAD RUNNERS feels like an exciting new journey. As the head coach for the RRC sessions this season, being part of the process before it even begins brings me a lot of joy and excitement. I can't wait to connect, grow, meet new people, train, and share epic experiences with the community. It already feels special!

What are your top 3 advices for people willing to start or re-start running?

1. Run with friends: Make it social. Having someone or others around you makes it fun, motivating, and can distract you from the fact that you’re even running.
2. Get outdoors: Try a new route, explore, and make the run exciting and new. Take it the surroundings, it makes time go faster I swear!
3. Focus on your breathing and listen to your body: Your body tells you a lot if you stop and listen. Do what feels good!

How do you handle setbacks or challenges in your running routine?

Setbacks happen, so it's important to be kind to yourself. I focus on small, achievable goals to rebuild momentum and try to find joy and presence in running rather than forcing myself to push harder. Lean on the support of your community; this is what FAT ROAD RUNNERS is here for!