2022 Road Runners coach, Cam

Cam was part of the FAT Road Runners family last year, but this year has come on board as a coach to inspire the community! Read more about his running journey below.

How is your personal running journey going?

Really well, I’ve always loved running and it’s always been a meditation of sorts for me. Like most people, I think the last few years with all the lockdowns were a really good opportunity to take a step back and reassess areas of our lives. For me, running was a godsend for dealing with all the pent up covid frustration I had and helped me see running in a new way. I’ve carried this attitude through to today and I’ve enjoyed integrating a more holistic approach to my runs, often running organic (sans device), and running much more in line with how my body feels rather than just going for a PB.

What has been your biggest personal acheivement in running?

Hmmm, hard to point to one particular run but a notable one was a half marathon I completed in the middle of lockdown. No race and no crowd, very much a solo run but it was a classic case of me against me and I felt pretty proud of pushing through considering the fact it wasn’t what I set out to do when I left for the run.

What does FAT ROAD RUNNERS mean to you?

One word, TEAM! I love running but I love running with people even more. FAT ROAD RUNNERS is really good because it’s super approachable and open to anyone. I have run with different running groups and this is my first time where I’m involved as a coach. It’s great to give back and help others who I’ve been running and working out with for the last few years who have also helped me. At the end of the day, It’s just a really supportive group of friends all working towards bettering themselves, each with their own why for doing it. Who doesn’t want to be involved with that?

What is your most memorable run?

I jumped some fences and ran on an unopened highway in Hamilton in the pouring rain with my brother about 6 months ago. It felt so surreal and borderline dystopian and really fun at the same time (who doesn’t like running in the rain?). I’ve also done a few big runs with running crews and it’s always a cool feeling to be part of a mob doing some illicit road running B)