Ponsonby Primary Corporate Interview

Have you ever dreamed of training your old school teachers in your life?
We have been lucky enough to train the Ponsonby Primary School teachers for over a year now.
Sanjay, principal of the school, leads the team every Thursday and guess what… they’re still loving it a year in.
Read more about their story in the interview below.
What is your role within Ponsonby Primary School?

I am the school Principal.

How did your company hear about FAT and how long have you been training with us?

One of our past parents referred me to Kevin and his team.

If you could highlight three main benefits you and the team get from FAT, what would they be?

Working together in a fun way while getting fit, builds team moral and strengthens mental wellness and strength.

What advice would you give other companies thinking of getting FAT on board?

Get on board it's such an amazing experience and really helps with developing a great culture for the staff.

What else does your employee wellness program involve?

We have a sunshine committee where each member of our staff is given a staff member to spoil for a term (it's like a random act of kindness) we don't know who the person is until the end each term. Each staff member fills out form and writes down their likes and dislikes.. so through out the term you can spoil your person with treats...

And we put aside time for well being sessions eg we have Pilates and Yoga instructors taking our staff for sessions, we have made soap etc just fun things to do as staff.

In your ideal world, what does wellness in the workplace look like? 

Ensuring that every staff member enjoys coming to work and that is established through having a positive culture that looks after their staff. I believe if you invest in your staff you will see the benefits in your organisation.

How did your team react to the FAT initiative?

They love it.

How has the pandemic affected your approach to wellness as an organisation?

It really has and that was the reason we decided to join FAT, I believe physical activity and working as a team develops such great team moral.