FAT Coach Tayla

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Tayla! I currently spend my time sharing the power of the breath and the nervous system. Away from this, you’ll find me outside - I love the beach, ocean and sun more than anything!

You recently started working with FAT on a corporate client and about to take part in our first SELF SUNDAY event. How did you hear about FAT?

I first heard about FAT a few years ago - a few of my friends have worked for the team on and off over the years. My first session I went to was meant to be with a friend but she slept in and I ended up going on my own - nonetheless, I’ll always remember how welcoming everyone was!

What is your Health and Fitness background? How did you transition into breath work instructing?

I have loooved wellbeing for as long as I can remember. But I would say my main entry point into health and fitness was competitive sport. It has been a big part of my life and I have just recently retired from playing hockey for New Zealand.

I entered into the world of breathwork & the nervous system in 2020, I was chronically ill for over 3 years which a range of different symptoms - my body basically said no more. I went from daily intense hockey trainings to not being able to walk round the block without feeling nauseous. No doctor, specialist or holistic doctor could diagnose what was wrong - that’s when I turned to my own means and found the power of breathwork & the nervous system to heal my own body.

What do you love about practising and making people practise breath work?

I LOVE the feeling of connection to something greater. When everyone is in the room breathing, connecting to the greater version of themselves without the noise and the stories in their head - that is bliss, there is nothing better than someone connecting to who they truly are.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice to build a Healthy routine?

  1. SLEEP! You could be doing all the wellness trends, but if you’re not sleeping - what is the point? This is the easiest way to feel your best.
  2. Simplicity - there is so much noise around what you should/shouldn’t do and that it creates another layer of stress in itself. Strip it right back, what can I takeaway instead of adding more? Nature, sleep, breath, movement, good food and positive internal dialogue - simple, simple, simple.
  3. Small steps, big picture. Have a really strong greater intention for why you’re putting in the effort in day in day out.

What would you say to someone who isn't sure about breathwork class?

I get it… why would you come to a breath class if I breathe every day?! A breathwork class involves a series of breath techniques different from our everyday breathing to shift how you feel in the body, it’s a natural full body reset. No experience is ever required, the power of breath is for everyone!

Can you tell us more about SELF SUNDAY happening this Sunday?

FAT’s first event at the FAT HQ! A beauuutiful morning filled with all the good things - live music, breath, movement, nidra, connection to self and others. It will be the perfect reset - I have no doubt you’ll walk away with a new sense of presence and ease in the body. Very excited!