Meet our dynamic duo, Maddie and Chilli. Woof Woof!

Maddie is a dear friend to us, with a heart of gold. Just as golden as her Labrador, Chilli.
Her smile and positive vibes will make your day!
Here is an insight to this amazing human and her companionship.

Maddie, lets start with your first FAT Road runners experience, because I certainly don't forget it, lol. Tell me how you found it, and how you felt before heading into the session?

My first FAT experience was outrageous. We had been filming night shoots & with a only few hours sleep I thought it would be a great idea to squeeze in a HIIT class with (at the time) my puppy….. I felt pretty excited! But then the whole thing was just hella stressful! Never take a puppy to a night workout! I won a free t-shirt though, so I guess good things come out of naughty puppy behaviour!

Lets talk about your wingman/ partner in crime, Chilli! (her dog) He's no stranger to the spotlight at FAT, is he a big motivator for you to run? And does he enjoy the session as much as everyone else?

Chilli my man! it’s a real blessing to have a dog that’s keen to come for a run! He loves it, he makes everyone happy! You’ll often find him running up to you to say hello! He’s also pretty speedy on the pace, which is good if you want to push yourself!

When you are running what motivates you to keep going?

My friends! I love a little challenge. You won’t see me running alone much.

You are apart of many run clubs, so what makes a run club special and different from not being in one?

I sure am! It’s the community for me.. I have lots of good friends in a few different run clubs which makes it really fun to mix it up a bit. It’s like my new vibe, I get so hyped seeing my friends on weekdays, it’s a good way to check up on them and see how their week is going! I’m also a true supporter in my friends and the support back is unreal!

Simply, why did you start running?

I started running to shake of a few past traumas, it really helps me unpack it! Running is a really good way to heal your mind and body, it makes me feel really good.

Have you always enjoyed running? And what is the best thing about running for you personally?

I used to run a lot when I was a kid! Getting back into it wasn’t that enjoyable, but when you pick up a regular rhythm again it gets better!

Finally Maddie, what would you say to a person who is not a fan of running?

Get out there! Give it a go! There are plenty of classes around these days, some don’t include that much running. I think it’s important to show up, even when you don’t feel that great, because it’s always worth it. I’ll come for a run with you :))