New Yoga coach, Summer

Tell us a bit about yourself :)

Kia ora FAT whānau, I spent my early years being a kid on K Rd but have lived most of my life in the Waitakere’s around Te Henga / Bethells beach. One of my favourite pastimes is going on little walks that involve picking flowers from overgrown gardens.

How did you hear about FAT? What does FAT mean to you?

Through the grapevine! I’m passionate about anything that involves community coming together to move.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Oh man … Halcyon (one of my favourite words and means to live by), vivacious, steady.

What is your health and fitness background? How did you transition into yoga instructing?

Yoga has been my first love in the health and fitness realm. I remember clearly attending my first yoga class with my lovely mum around 13, from there I was pretty invested. I started my own practice around 16 and this has carried me through all of life's trials and tribulations.

What do you love about practising yoga?

Guiding people to move and breathe in their bodies. It’s that good good medicine!

What are your top 3 pieces of advice to build a Healthy routine?

Nice question.

First, suss out the ‘why’ behind what you are doing, check that your heart is really in it. That will keep you coming back.

Secondly, sleep glorious sleep. Being well rested will leave you with the energy needed to stick with your new routine.

Thirdly, be kind to yourself. We aren’t perfect, and if I know anything, it’s that change happens slowly, bit by bit, over time.

What would you say to someone who isn't sure about taking a yoga class?

I’d say, fair enough. Some of the Instagram yoga poses you see out there look a little scary! But don’t worry, this isn’t what a yoga class looks like. Yoga has heaps of modifications to make this practice work for you, meaning it’s an accessible strength and length sesh for every body.

What goals do you have for the remainder of 2023?

Alongside a handful of other things, catching a few waves in Mexico is up there. As well as learning to have a basic conversation in Spanish. I leave at the end of August and so far I can only tell you that me gusta café, but at least I have the basics on lock.