Get to know coach Hannah

You've probably met Hannah in our Friday morning hiit classes, but when she's not leaving us in the dust for sprints, Hannah is part of our coaching team as our corporate Pilates instructor! This talented lady is also our copywriter for FAT; turning all our ramblings in to the informative reads you can find on our blog. LINKINBIO to read more about what Hannah gets up to and why she loves being on the FAT team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi - I’m Hannah, a long time fan of FAT and now part of the coaching team.

You’ve been on the FAT team for a little while now, teaching regular corporate Pilates classes. How did you hear about FAT?

When I first moved to Auckland I would see the white Volvo everywhere (Elliot is still stalking me), I worked out what FAT was and that is was right by my old office in Wynyard Q. My first FAT class was in 2020 and I’ve been coming twice a week ever since. After helping out with Mums All Together and FAT on Demand, I started teaching some of the corporate pilates classes.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Curious, unlucky and loyal.

What is your Health and Fitness background? How did you transition into pilates instructing?

I grew up dancing and taught ballet up until leaving University. Pilates became part of my dance training and I’ve been practicing it for 15 years. I only decided to become an instructor after realising that a career in HR wasn’t for me and I couldn’t sit at a desk all day.

For anyone new to pilates, can you explain what to expect from a class with you, and the benefits for anyone taking a class?

Pilates has evolved in recent years and can feel a lot more ‘athletic’ than some of the initial classical style work. It’s low impact and heavily focused of core strength. I like to make my classes challenging and fast paced but focus on small corrections and adjustments to client’s form so they can get the most out of exercises.

It’s like flossing for your body - you build strength, mobility and body awareness, it’s also a useful tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

What do you love about fitness & movement? And / or, specifically pilates?

Movement is probably the biggest non-negotiable in my routine, I have always been really active and actually just love to move. It makes me feel fresh, clear -headed and is a cool way to connect with people.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice to build a Healthy routine?

Start by making small improvements to your daily habits, they’ll add up over time (read Atomic Habits if you have time, it’s very motivating).

Movement and nutrition are only part of puzzle; sleep, mental well-being and your environment are just as influential to how you feel. Try not to neglect any of these factors.

Trends can be fun but it’s more important to find a routine that feels authentic and enjoyable.

What goals do you have for the remainder of 2022?

Ahhh no major goals for the rest of 2022, I’m usually in the ‘what’s next?’ mindset, it can get a bit draining so I just want to coast for the rest of the year and enjoy my day to day life :)