Meet Begonia, one of many talented and inspiring FACES OF FAT

Meet begonia, one of many talented and inspiring FACES OF FAT.
There is a story behind each individual person but we are stoked to share this beautiful human’s story.
From concerts to exercises, learn more about our legendary Begonia and her journey with the FAT community.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

After studying in Europe for 8 years and a couple of pretty spiritually transformational years I decided to move back home to NZ last September and continue on my self-exploration journey in this beautiful corner of the world. I’m a person of many interests but my main love & profession is music/cello! If you ever visit the town hall you might catch me playing some concerts with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra once in a while ;)

How did you hear about FAT, do you remember your first session?

I was searching for fitness studios when I just arrived in Auckland and came across a top rated list on Denizen featuring FAT! My first session was the FAT XMAS BLOWOUT which was a blast, it was a bit of a shock to my system after not working out for a while but there was so much good energy from everyone I could just feed of that and keep going even though I was dying inside lol

We have shared a few workouts together, what makes you keep coming back?

The vibes and energy from everyone is always top notch, the fresh air and views from Silo Park is unbeatable and you can be sure that it’ll always be a killer workout! (FAT Friday treats are also a great lure not gonna lie haha)

What would you say to someone hesitating to come to FAT?

The first step is always the hardest, so just do it! As someone who chose to join FAT after trying a bunch of other group fitness classes I can say that FAT is the most fun place to get your heart pumping and you get to be part of a lovely community!

Do you have a most memorable moment with us?

I love all the classes where we get to watch the sunrise/sunset, absolutely breathtaking (while being out of breath already haha). FAT Fridays are definitely a highlight too!

Outside of our weekly session, what is your relationship with exercise/movement?

I’m quite an adventurous person and I’ve always loved all kinds of movement/sports since I was a kid. I’ve been slacking a bit throughout the past year due to change of environment and routine, so I’m glad to have FAT now to pull myself back up again :)

What are your health, life goals in 2022?

Continue building strength within and without, keep exploring and trying new things, always spread love and kindness and just HAVE FUN!

Could you tell us 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone on their mental and/or physical health?

1. Follow your gut and trust your intuition

2. Embrace change and go with the flow

3. Stay curious and never stop learning