Welcome to FAT HIIT 45! Our new fitness experience.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to shorten our workouts - but not the intensity! FAT HIIT 45 workout is the same version as what you're used to, with less downtime, more structure while keeping the FAT high energy and vibes.
Here is a little FAQ to give you more details on how it works.

What is FAT HIIT 45?

A High-intensity workout experience that delves in to movement, good tunes, vibrant location, and a high sense of community.

More specifically it is a structured circuit based workout with 5 pillars

What is the difference between this and our 1-hour workout?

Simply, less downtime, more structure and more options for exercises.

We are going to demonstrate the circuit before class then hit the ground running completing the 40 min workout non stop.

This is the power of HIIT, short, sharp and straight to the point. The benefits? A full body functional workout allowing you to burn calories hours after your workout.

It will still hold the same vibes, same music, same energy.

What equipment is used?

All up we have 17 different items/toys, all functional and easy to use.

We have all the classics with our new up to trend Y Bells which is by far the most versatile piece of equipment we have ever used!

Accessibility is our priority, every piece of equipment has varying weight limits and ways to use them so everyone is welcome!

Can I come if I have never done a FAT workout before?

Big, big yes! Every class is catered for any level.

We have easy/harder options for every exercise, and the range, pace, and rest at which you do the exercise can always be adjusted.

We also sometimes do partner workouts so having a mate to help you along the way is always encouraged.

What are the benefits of FAT HIIT 45mins?

It's an energetic cocktail made up of equal parts cardio, strength, coordination, and mental strength. All these elements are challenged and improved with every HIIT class you do.

Your body keeps working and burning fat both during and after the workout is complete.

It’s just funner and not rigid or boring, you are always on the move. You are not thinking about much, just in the moment which makes you push that extra bit harder.

Its endorphin boosting which leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, one of the best natural highs!