A brief conversation with Lauren Joyce, GM for PRECINCT PROPERTY NZ.

We are very fond of Lauren and you are going to understand why... FAT has been training PRECINCT PROPERTY employees for the last 2 years. Like any other sport, a team needs a leader and especially one like Lauren.

How did your company find FAT and how long have you been training with them?

We used to train with an ex-Army type guy at Silo park. We had inner-tubes filled with sand as equipment - not a yoga mat in sight. We would look over in envy at your squad using proper equipment, with interesting/fun workouts and music other than his CD of the worlds greatest beer drinking songs. We joined FAT in 2018 and haven’t looked back.

Briefly explain your experience this far with FAT.

Fun and engaging – we all really love coming along – it’s perfect for all fitness levels.

If you could highlight three main benefits you and the team get from FAT what would they be?

1. It’s social & good for our relationship building,

2. It gets us outside, even during Winter our team are still highly motivated to come along,

3. It kind of forces us to get some exercise in - we are a really busy team and if not for scheduled sessions, supported by our business, I think many of us would allow our fitness to slip.

What advice would you give to any other company that wants to get FAT on board?

Do it – it’s super easy, cost effective, and has benefits much more than just a PT provider. Our team really value it, they can see that as a business we are genuinely supporting their health and wellbeing. Best of all your team can start with any fitness level (ground zero in my case!) The FAT team are really inclusive.

Can you think of an embarrassing FAT moment?

I absolutely can… but I‘d feel bad for Elliot and Kevin if I was to talk about it!