Faces of FAT - Will

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Will, and I’m a total enthusiast for all of the things, all of the time.

How did you hear about FAT, do you remember your first session?

My buddy Camille is a long time legend! I’d been travelling for a lot of 2023 and had just moved back to Auckland and into an apartment across the road from Vic Park. I started doing Pilates classes and a good mate of ours (Jake) knew I was getting back into the fitness buzz and suggested I go along. I’m very much an enthusiast for all of the things so I went to the monster pre Christmas one. I loved the challenge and I was quickly hooked.

We have shared a few workouts together, what makes you keep coming back?

The exercise is fantastic and I enjoy the burn of every class, but ultimately it’s the community. It’s a very encouraging, supportive & enthusiastic vibe - anyone can and should come along. Kevin, Paul and Sam are great people and they strike a good balance of being friendly and pushing you.

What would you say to someone hesitating to come to FAT?

As above! The people are always the most important factor and the FAT team has curated it to perfection. When you jump past any apprehension, you’ll have a great time.

Do you have a most memorable moment with us?

Whenever I’m on my way down I listen to music and watch the sunrise over the skyline as the city stirs. Turns out listening to Taylor Swift is a great recipe for getting hyped. In the actual class though, it would be getting my butt kicked on every stair run by Anna.

Outside of our weekly session, what is your relationship with exercise/movement?

I love being active and I consider myself lucky to have no real impediments to remaining so.

I’m very involved with an absurdly wide variety of outdoor sports, primarily water related, and ideally I sweat at least once a day. There’s an extremely short list of sports that I haven’t given a decent nudge, so if you’ve got any suggestions then I’m happy to oblige.

It’s paramount for a healthy mind to have an active body and to keep doing challenging things - whether that’s new or not. Whenever I can get into the flow state, I’m a happy man.

“Let not the functioning of your body be a distraction to your mind.”

What are your health, life goals in 2024?

For health, I want to keep feeling good, bouncy & strong.

As for life goals, I don’t want to jinx it too much but my primary goal is to get into graduate school overseas. I’ll find out in April so fingers crossed 🤞 the entrance exam went pretty well and I give huge credit to being active for that - I actually did a FAT class the morning of it.

Could you tell us 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone on their mental and/or physical health?

Acta Non Verba - deeds not words. Just get into it & don’t think too much, it’s easy to talk about things as if you’re going to do them one day but you may as well just crack in as soon as possible.

Consistency beats Perfection. If your workout isn’t as good as you wanted it to be, who cares? You still showed up. That ultimately will count more.

Have Fun & always try to smile! While it’s good to challenge yourself and do hard things, life is supposed to be fun. Be nice to yourself, too.