Faces of FAT: Kelly

Meet the creative and adventurous Kelly! We asked her to share a bit about herself, her love for movement, and why she can't resist the vibe at FAT.

Tell us a bit about yourself :)

Hello! I’m a Canadian gal who was living in Australia and has now been in Auckland since late last year. It makes me really happy to stay creative in a lot of avenues in my life, stay curious, and most importantly, be surrounded by the people I love most - I value my friendships immensely. I would be nothing without love, art, and connection.

How did you hear about FAT? Do you remember your first session?

I think I found FAT through Instagram actually! I came to my first session alone and had no idea where to go so I just followed the music and voila! My first session was super fun - just the right amount of challenge mixed with good energy and good people.

We have shared a few workouts together, what makes you keep coming back?

Aren’t we all just trying to catch a vibe; whatever form that comes in? FAT is one of those vibes.

What would you say to someone hesitating to come to FAT?

Just come! We all want the same thing here - to move, sweat, and be around like-minded people. Life is too short to not do what you want (within reason of course).

Do you have a most memorable moment with us?

Ooft. Those dreamy sunsets get me every damn time.

Social Saturdays are also great!

Outside of our weekly session, what is your relationship with exercise / movement?

I’m a dancer so that keeps me busy a few times a week. Outside of the studio, I love running and hiking to take advantage of this beautiful country’s landscape.

What are your health/movement and life goals for the second half of 2023?

I want to keep on focusing on things that nurture me and are going to stay consistent for me. Volleyball and basketball are sports I played growing up; I’ve been wanting to get back into them… anyone down to play? I also want to see more parts of New Zealand - tell me about your most cherished places!