HIIT PILATES: The High-Energy Workout You Need to Try

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates have been widely recognised as effective fitness methods in their own regard. But what happens when you combine the core strengthening, flexibility principles of Pilates with the heart-pumping full body conditioning intensity of HIIT?

We welcome HIIT Pilates, a dynamic blend that aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance overall strength and flexibility - a great addition to your wellness routine.

Why HIIT Pilates?

HIIT Pilates integrates the physiological principles of both Pilates and HIIT which allows you to maximise your workout in a shorter amount of time due to the high-intensity intervals. By blending Pilates exercises with bursts of intense cardio, you are able to increase calorie burn, elevate heart rate, and sculpt lean muscle simultaneously. Pilates exercises focus on alignment, breath control, and muscle engagement to improve strength, flexibility, and posture. Meanwhile, HIIT involves alternating between short bursts of high-intensity exercise and brief recovery periods, effectively stimulating the body's aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This combination results in a physiological reaction which can elevate metabolic rate for hours after your workout, this is known as the "afterburn effect" or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). HIIT Pilates not only challenges the body in new ways but also enhances endurance, agility, and overall athletic performance.

What are the benefits of HIIT Pilates
  • HIIT Pilates offers numerous benefits, such as:
  • Cardiovascular Health - HIIT intervals elevate your heart rate, improving heart health, increase lung capacity, and overall endurance.
  • Calorie Expenditure - HIIT Pilates effectively burns calories both during and after the workout, promoting overall fitness and energy expenditure.
  • Enhanced Core Strength - The principles of pilates focuses on core stability and strength, which is complemented by the dynamic movements of HIIT, enhancing your overall core strength.
  • Improved Flexibility - Pilates emphasises flexibility and joint mobility, which can be further enhanced with the varied movements of HIIT Pilates.
  • Variety - It offers a diverse range of exercises and movements, classes show variety in exercises which will challenge different muscle groups.
  • Adaptability - HIIT Pilates can be adapted to all fitness levels and goals, making it suitable for everyone.
  • Mental Benefits - HIIT Pilates can promote mindfulness and stress reduction through focused breathing and concentration on movement.

What to Expect

In a FAT HIIT Pilates class, you can expect 45 mins of dynamic exercises performed on a mat, often incorporating props like our FAT bands, and small light weights. The class typically alternates between periods of intense effort and active recovery, keeping the heart rate elevated throughout - look forward to lots of pulses!!. Expect a mix of traditional Pilates movements — such as leg circles, roll-ups, and planks — with HIIT inspired drills like mountain climbers, squat jumps, and burpees. Each class will target different muscle groups to improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance core stability.

We can’t wait to see you in a class :)