Friends of FAT - Almighty

Long-time supporters and Friends of FAT, Almighty are our go to refreshment after a sweaty workout. We love the work they do with promoting a well-rounded, active lifestyle, so asked marketing manager Hannah to share a little about why they do what they do.
Tell us a bit about yourself

Kia ora, my name is Hannah Rowlands. I’m a middle child, a leo and I do Brand and Marketing for Almighty. With my role I get to engage a lot with our Almighty community by supporting awesome brands and sponsoring events. Working with different but like minded companies like Fitness All Together so we can do better.

How did Almighty start and why do you do what you do?

Almighty started off the back of the success of Milk Crate, an iconic Wellington cafe about 7 years ago, with Ben and some friends trying their hand at cold press juice. This quickly levelled up to be certified organic juice which filled many of the fridges here in NZ. Then Almighty’s sparkling water started about 3 years ago and this allowed us to step into a bigger market and community. Taking on the alternative beverage game.

We create conscious, clean, delicious drinks for those with a thirst for life. We help encourage a balanced lifestyle by creating healthy alternatives.

What does movement / exercise mean to you? How does Almighty embody this?

Movement is super important to me, I’m a fidgeter and need to keep moving. Exercise is the best way for me to help me channel my energy in the right way. It makes me feel good. Almighty as a brand embodies movement and we encourage it in all forms. We have an awesome fitness community and supporting them allows us to take part. Our team gets moving with Yoga, Boxing, Hiit, Biking, Running, it’s all about giving it a go!

What are the next steps for you at Almighty / what goals do you guys have for the rest of 2023?

We are wanting to continue the momentum we’ve had and get Almighty into more households and locations in New Zealand and Australia. We have some new products launching over the next 6 - 12 months that we are really excited about. We are really looking to improve the Almighty experience for everyone that interacts with the brand and that is an ongoing goal I suppose…!

You guys have partnered with FAT for a while now, and we’ve shared a few workouts together. What keeps you guys coming back?

Yeah it’s truly been an epic partnership. Feel like we have grown so much together and we are excited to be a part of it.

The vibe at FAT is energetic and welcoming, the workouts are also really well done and high class. It’s a workout for everyone and the community that FAT brings is super positive and passionate, all things the Almighty represents so it’s a no brainer!

Could you share with us 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone on their mental and/or physical health journey?

I feel strongly about a balanced lifestyle. And this is about eating well but treating yourself too, working out to feel good and not taking yourself too seriously. I love my friends and family and having a laugh with them is key.