Get to know Sam, our new FAT instructor and female inspiration.

This is the story of a true FAT supporter becoming one of our very own coaches.
Passionate about all sorts of sports since her early days, Sam is now determined to embrace her love for pilates and HIIT workouts and turn it into her career.
Sam is currently studying physiotherapy while taking FAT sessions. A true defender of female health and wellness, she is also working on our Mums All Together project.
She's an inspiration for anybody! You're going to love Sam...

Hey Sam, You're the newest recruit for Fitness All Together, tell us how this came about and why you wanted to join the FAT team?

I’ve actually been following FAT since it launch but lived in Wellington so never got to experience until I moved up to Auckland at the start of the year. I’ve always loved the energy and philosophy behind the brand, the workouts, and the community so basically jumped at the chance to join the team.

What is your sport background and career goals?

My family is pretty sport mad, so I played a lot of different codes growing up including netball, hockey and rowing. Netball basically ruled my life while I younger, playing competitively until I left school. I’ve always loved trying different forms of exercise which lead me down the path I am now teaching pilates alongside FAT and studying to become a Physiotherapist. Eventually I want to specialise in women's heath, specifically with those on the pre and postpartum journey so being able to be a part of the team behind Mums All Together is an amazing opportunity too!

Where do you look for inspiration? This could be life or fitness related.

I always feel really inspired after having conversation with people about what they’re doing for work or what they’re loving at the time. I find hearing what people are up to really refreshing, everyone is doing or loving something different. It inspires me to tackle things with a new approach and stay creative and curious. I do also love some instagram inspiration, which I guess comes back to seeing people doing cool things.

What advice would you give to someone that might have some hesitance jumping into a FAT class?

Give yourself one class and you’ll be hooked. The community is amazing, the workouts are challenging, and the environment is so fun. I went to my first class by myself and clearly never looked back.

Lastly, you must have a social life, what is your favourite thing to do besides exercise?

I love being outdoors and exploring new places so beach days, road trips, hikes are probably all topping the list.