Faces of FAT - Meg

Everyone say hi to Meg! A creative at LES MILLS International, Meg is originally from France but now calls New Zealand home.

She's passionate about movement, creativity, and the simple moments. Discover how she found FAT through Instagram, why she keeps coming back, and her most memorable moment with the community. In this interview, Meg shares her approach to exercise and movement outside of FAT sessions and discusses her involvement with the Greenbiirds community.
We freaking love you Meg :)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Meg, originally from France but calling New Zealand home for the past four years. Since forever, I've been all about creativity, movement and the simple moments that just make life better—like sipping coffee with a friend, soaking up some sun or  a stroll with my dog Monoi. I'm working for LES MILLS international as a creative where I get to blend my love for movement, people, and creativity.

How did you hear about FAT, do you remember your first session?

I heard about FAT through Instagram! I came to my first session alone, had no idea where to go and was quite nervous 😬 but I quickly felt welcome and at ease as soon as we started moving. FAT has become a highlight in the week 🌟

We have shared a few workouts together, what makes you keep coming back?

Running up the stairs… 🥵🤣 It is an awesome workout, with good music, great people and effective coaching and.. it’s outdoor! Nothing beats the feeling of the sunrise on your face or wind in your back as you move your body.

What would you say to someone hesitating to come to FAT?

Take the leap, it’s worth it.

Do you have a most memorable moment with us?

We organised a Les Mills x F.A.T workout back in December. It was awesome to share a different workout experience with the LES MILLS team. I truly enjoyed seeing two great communities, united by their passion for fitness and people, come together to have a great workout.

Outside of our weekly session, what is your relationship with exercise/movement?

For me, it’s important to set my body up for success in the long run. I want to be 80, running half marathons and smash the youngster's butts on a round of 18 holes. I try to move everyday, anything from a walk early in the morning with my dog to a very sweaty and uncomfortable HIIT session at the gym, everything matters. But, exercise isn’t just about staying fit— it is my source of joy and appreciation, a special moment that allows me to let go of the stress and limiting beliefs. It is amazing what you can do when you allow yourself to think you can.

We know that you are quite involved with the “Greenbiirds” community, can you tell us more about it?

Founded by my good friend Jess, Greenbiirds is a community built on embracing our f*** ups and having fun along the way 🤠 because we know that life isn't perfect and mistakes happen to the best of us. Together we're cultivating a community of like-minded girls who share a love for the game ⛳️ If you’re a gal and have been thinking about swinging a club but don’t know where to start, check out @greenbiirds IG account, we post weekly lessons and organise rounds of 9x holes with the community. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t need to own clubs.

Any movement goals in 2024?

Try new workouts, lower my golf handicap and not injure myself 🙃

Could you tell us 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone on their mental and/or physical health journey?
  1. Start small but be consistent: every movement matters
  2. Lean in the uncomfortable. It’s an opportunity for learning and new experiences
  3. Take care of yourself