What is behind the FAT Offer?

Fitness All Together knows that movement is a tried and tested wellness solution. For the past four years we have been taking our passion for movement to a number of New Zealand Businesses. Run by Kevin Pichot alongside an impressive team of health and wellness enthusiasts, we promise to create an environment that fosters connection and community for every corner of your company. Whether your employees have a lot of experience or none at all, we go beyond traditional fitness methods to offer a creative and interactive experience.

Fitness All Together invites you to participate in group fitness sessions with your workmates where you can laugh together, encourage each other and build relationships outside of the meeting room.

What we provide and what the benefits are

A large variety of classes from High intensity interval training to yoga but also Pilates to Meditation. High quality training equipment - Sound system - Staff attendance report - Work from home platform called FAT ON DEMAND - Up to 30 participants per session (Options to increase capacity) - Location of your choice.

Our workouts are adapted to any level of fitness. They are team orientated, fun, challenging and come with a heavy dose of Vitamin D. We are focussed on the physical, mental and social aspect of movement - a fresh approach to team building.

Being a 'gypsy gym' we can come to you; your office, car park or a park nearby providing high-quality training and equipment anytime, anywhere. Our innovative workouts are from 30min to 1 hour long depending on your availability. With a group of highly experienced trainers, our mission is to motivate your employees and inspire them to achieve their fitness goals. This winter, we also invite teams to train in the FAT Warehouse, 35 Graham Street, AKL Central.

The benefits of offering team workouts extend beyond improving physical health. They bring added value to companies who are looking to improve employee satisfaction and signal to staff that they are committed to a culture of wellness.

Effective team building

Strong teams don’t just happen by hiring qualified employees, they need to be built through activities designed to bring employees together (https://www.complianceandethics.org/ethical-leadership-doesnt-happen-overnight-or-does-it/). This improves productivity, encourages collaboration and builds trust amongst employees. Despite having proven benefits, team building has earned itself a bad rap - the activities can feel forced or too infrequent to be effective. A regular group workout gives colleagues a space to interact outside of their formal office environment. Fitness All Together places a focus on building community and connection, we emphasise this in every workout and the benefits feed back into a positive office culture. Teams can find common ground in moving together and it gives them something to look forward to as part of their work week.

Attract and retain talent

Attracting and retaining staff is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Retaining existing talent means maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement. Results from Beyond Recruitment’s survey revealed the top three solutions to improve employee satisfaction and engagement as :

- Flexible working arrangements (68%) Employee assistance programmes (64%) Health and wellness initiatives (59%)

- Implementing these benefits will see your business recognised as a desired environment, one that people want to join or remain a part of.

Incentivise working from the office

Working from home is here to stay but companies are showing a preference for a hybrid approach. Collaboration and creativity are higher when people are working in the office but it can be difficult to incentivise people to return. Offering social activities gives people a reason to commute. Our classes offer the same intensity and results as any gym based workout, so your team doesn’t need to use their personal time. Time and cost restraints are two common barriers for people not reaching their health and fitness goals, as employers you can enable your staff to be healthier versions of themselves and your company benefits from having engaged, productive people. It’s a win win.

The way people work is constantly evolving, this comes with new priorities and expectations. Leaders know that if they want to attract and retain the best people, they need to have a culture that cares about employee wellbeing. Fitness All Together brings a fresh, progressive approach to corporate wellness - we love what we do, we know it works and we’re ready to work with you. Reach out to kevin@fitnessalltogether.co.nz if you would like to hear more.