Wellness Trends in 2022

As of 2022 ‘wellness’ is a 1.5 trillion dollar market covering areas including fitness, sleep, nutrition and mindfulness. Research shows that there has been a substantial increase in the prioritisation of wellness over the past three years. We look at which trends are emerging in 2022 and why wellness is becoming a mainstream practice.

Modern mindfulness

For many of us, we are the first generation with an opportunity to even think about things like mental health and resilience. Meditation, yoga and breathwork have all increased in popularity over the past two years but now people are realising that the benefits of mindfulness extend beyond relaxation. Top selling mindfulness app, Headspace, now has 30 million users in over 190 countries. Turning inwards and shutting off from daily ‘noise’ has been shown to improve our memory, attention span and sleep quality. Mindfulness also has a protective effect against depression and anxiety, and with regular practice can boost emotional resilience.

Slow is the new fast

One of the cultural side effects of the COVID pandemic has been the slower pace of life. Hustle culture is being replaced with slow living as people work to become more present in their day to day lives. The concept gained traction after lockdown restrictions forced people to simplify their routines, and after experiencing the benefits, even now that restrictions have been lifted, people are still choosing to do less.

What does slow living look like? Space out your schedule by prioritising the relationships and activities you find most fulfilling. Learn to unplug from technology and connect with nature. As a result you feel less burnt out and overstimulated, with more time to truly enjoy the present. In terms of fitness, people are starting to balance out high intensity workouts with more restorative exercises and also trying to pair their activity with time in the outdoors to get the added benefits of vitamin D and fresh air.

Sustainable nutrition

Diet culture is losing traction as conscious consuming becomes a greater focus. People are looking to nourish their bodies with foods that are both environmentally and financially sustainable. The most popular ways to do this are:

  • Reducing meat consumption
  • Growing your own or buying local produce
  • Eating intuitively
  • Preparing meals at home

Human interaction

We are looking for different ways to experience meaningful human interaction. In today’s digital world, our connections and interactions are often one-dimensional. A like, follow, quick comment or text is how we interact. While it is efficient, it lacks the meaning and depth we get from face to face shared experiences. 2022 sees people prioritising community based events, rebuilding social connections that were weakened during lockdown.

At Fitness All Together we like to keep our finger on the pulse of all things wellness, aligning our offerings with trends we are seeing emerging in the industry. We now offer mindfulness and breathwork classes along with our existing HIIT, yoga and pilates. Our community focus is stronger than ever as we partner with local businesses to offer more public as well as charity events around Auckland. If you are interested in becoming part of our community reach out to kevin@fitnessalltogether.co.nz


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