The Truth Behind FAT

FAT. That confronting, fear-inducing, aggressive word.

But, it also means Fitness All Together and after 4 years, it's time to give you an explanation of what this word stands for to us.

First of all, what if FAT is just a scientific word for a human body cell, and that's it? I mean, when and how did a noun become an adjective about judging people without any perspective or measurable proof?

Wait, there is BMI... Well, BMI doesn't take into account genetics or environment, so for us, it doesn't mean much, especially in the scale of happiness or health.

So when are we considered "FAT"? Maybe we are just all FAT? Or even better "all have FAT"...

It's time to break stigmas. Fitness All Together is here to rethink and shake up the fitness world. At the heart of it all, it comes down to movement and people.
It's not about losing weight, it's about happiness.
It's not about competition, it's about connection.
It's not about exercise, it's about movement.
It's not about being perfect, it's about being well.

So here is our question: is an inclusive, supportive and active world possible? Over the last few years, we have observed, learnt and grown all together. Our goal for our #FATisEveryone campaign is to become a tool to share the message that people might not see behind an Instagram post, but that they experience every Friday morning, 6:40am at Silo park.

Our mission is to inspire everyone; any age, shape, ethnicity or sexual orientation, to move while breathing fresh air; supporting the person next to you, while enjoying the sunshine (or Auckland rain). Arrive saying "morning" to a stranger and give this stranger a sweaty hug when leaving.

One final thing to mention. While inclusivity is our focus, accessibility is just as important. We are proud to be a community that (by choice) hasn't been impacted by inflation. While a broccoli now costs $7, our sessions still cost the same as they did in 2019.

This is us. This is Fitness All Together. This is FAT and FAT is everyone. Are you with us? Time to share this message.