Meet Saraya, one of our fierce female Road Runners coaches.

Our inspiring coach not only works hard putting foot to pavement but also at home with an energetic little one, who I might add always makes an appearance on zoom workouts.

With her infectious smile that will always make you feel welcome and to run that extra step, see why Saraya is one of our hidden gems.

Can’t to be back together (soon).

Hey Saraya, How did you begin your running journey?

My running journey began in primary school when I won my first cross country when I was 5 and I absolutely loved it! I remember the feeling of crossing that finish line first so vividly. I then competed in cross country and athletics all through my schooling years.

What has been your biggest personal achievement in running?

I’d have to say my biggest achievement is running the Round the Bays in Wellington in February this year where I ran a 10k PB and was in the top 3% overall. It was the first race I did after having my son, and I trained so hard for it! I was so proud of myself for proving that I could still smash a race just as well as I could before becoming a mother.

What motivates you to run?

I love running, it is 100% my exercise of choice. I find it very therapeutic to get some fresh air and blast some good music in my headphones. It helps me clear my thoughts, and I always feel happier after a run. Those endorphins are life!

Do you have any fitness and lifestyle goals set for the rest of the year?

The obvious goal is the Auckland half marathon. I have a time in mind for that and it’d be pretty epic to beat it! In terms of fitness and lifestyle, just staying healthy and uninjured would be great.

What does the FAT ROAD RUNNERS mean to you?

Road Runners to me is a really epic community of people stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something they might not have done otherwise. Running is an amazing way to move your body, and getting to (hopefully) inspire others to give it a go, and help them improve along the way is amazing.

Do you have a most memorable run?

My most memorable run is probably the first run I did after having my son. It was so slow, and probably less than 1km in total, but it was a huge milestone for me and the beginning of where I am now.

Being a mother to a boisterous 2 year old, does running help with this?

Absolutely for a number of reasons:

Running allows me to get out of the house and spend some time on my own which is essential for my mental health. This has been a major for me in lockdown being at home all day with a high energy toddler!

My son (Henry) definitely takes after me and is pretty quick on his feet already. Sometimes I think I run just so I can keep up with him!

It has also helped with my confidence a lot. When I had Henry, I completely changed as a person. Running was something I did before having a baby, and I’m really happy that I’ve kept it up. It certainly helps to make me feel a bit more ‘me’ sometimes.