Introducing Kendall, the high flying Road Runners creating animals on the streets.

This is the story of one of our avid ROAD RUNNERS members, Kendall.
This high-flying enthusiast doesn't just run she creates! Adding to her 'running zoo' when she can or just running for the sake to see dogs is her inspiration to get out and move.
Kendall doesn't just go for a run she goes for an adventure she why below :)

Kendall, let’s begin with the obvious, the drawings you do on your runs! I’ve seen a rhino, a dog, and even an elephant? Firstly how do you plan such a masterpiece, and Do you find it easier to get out and run in order to build this virtual running zoo of yours?

Great first question. The dog and rhino are the originals of the Strava zoo, but let’s be honest the elephant was a little ambitious. From memory the maps started in lockdowns last year, I had seen some partial maps in that area (on other peoples activities) but was also looking for a mid distance run in my neighbourhood. I was pleasantly surprised at how the dog turned out and now they’re quite fun runs to do. The Grey Lynn/Westmere/Westhaven route is always pretty scenic and its an added bonus that the maps look cool.

Do you have other cool drawings planned for the future?

Not currently, however lockdown has left me with a lot of spare time so I may have to do some map planning and add to the Strava zoo

When you are running what motivates you to keep going?

Passing cute dogs, the more often you go, the more dogs you’ll see!

But more seriously its a good way to take a break from work and daily life, and sets you on track to feel better physically and mentally. There is also a lot to be said for the feeling when you complete an event or goal. Ill never be the one winning the medals but the accomplishment still goes a long way.

You have been to all of our FAT Road Runner sessions, How does this differentiate between going for one of your normal runs?

Culture and variety. My flatmate Danyela attends FAT classes and had always spoken so highly of them and the people involved. She was keen to try roadrunners which brought me along. Almost instantly the positive and friendly culture was evident. The sessions are also fun (yes running can be fun) and offer more variety that a routine jog. Completing the more challenging sessions like Fartlek with a bunch of other motivated people always makes them easier.

Simply, why did you start running?

I had always dabbled in a bit of athletics through school, though mainly come from a competitive swimming background. Running came more to the forefront during university; part convenience, part balancing studying stresses, and partly staying fit.

Have you always enjoyed running? And what is the best thing about running for you personally?

There will always be moments where I don’t feel like I am enjoying a run, but on a whole I am never worse off for doing it. Personally the main enjoyment comes from exploring through running and the people you meet. Running is a great way to explore new places, or simply enjoy the weather on a nice day.

Finally Kendall, what would you say to a person who is not a fan of running?

Running is whatever your own version of the activity is. The next person running fast or far shouldn’t matter to you. Any run, action, movement, mixed run-walk can be considered a run, so its always about doing whats best for you and meeting your own goals.