FAT Public vs FAT Corporate

We've recently had a few new faces join our community, so we thought it would be worth sharing a bit of what we're about; what we do & why we do it!
Read about all the different offerings we have at Fitness All Together and reach out if you'd like to try any at your workplace.

The FAT Offer?

Fitness All Together knows that movement is a tried and tested wellness solution. For the past four years we have been taking our passion for movement to a number of New Zealand Businesses. Run by Kevin Pichot alongside an impressive team of health and wellness enthusiasts, we promise to create an environment that fosters connection and community for every corner of your company. Whether your employees have a lot of experience or none at all, we go beyond traditional fitness methods to offer a creative and interactive experience.

Fitness All Together invites you to participate in group fitness sessions with your workmates where you can laugh together, encourage each other and build relationships outside of the meeting room.

What we provide and what are the benefits

We offer a large variety of classes including high intensity interval training, yoga, pilates and meditation. We provide high quality training equipment, a sound system, staff attendance reports and a work from home platform called FAT ON DEMAND. Classes can have up to 30 participants per session with options to increase capacity and it can be at any location of your choice.

Our workouts are adapted to any level of fitness. They are team orientated, fun, challenging and come with a heavy dose of Vitamin D. We are focussed on the physical, mental and social aspect of movement - a fresh approach to team building.

Being a 'gypsy gym' we can come to you; your office, car park or a park nearby providing high-quality training and equipment anytime, anywhere. Our innovative workouts are from 30 minutes to one hour long depending on your availability. With a group of highly experienced trainers, our mission is to motivate your employees and inspire them to achieve their fitness goals.

The benefits of offering team workouts extend beyond improving physical health. They bring added value to companies who are looking to improve employee satisfaction and signal to staff that they are committed to a culture of wellness.

Beyond Corporate

FAT offers weekly HIIT classes available to the public and of course these are open to any of our corporate clients who would like to attend. Based at Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter, these workouts are a great way to get outdoors, build your fitness and connect with our wider community. We are continuing to diversify our wellness offerings and are continuing to add more community based events to the FAT calendar. These events are for everyone and we want them to feel as inclusive and accessible as possible. Keep an eye out on our social media for more information about upcoming sessions or reach out to sam@fitnessalltogether.co.nz with any questions.

Community Events

• FAT Friday - $10 classes and free post-workout coffee and food.

• FAT Gives Back - All profits from the classes are donated to the charity.

• FAT Road Runners - Supporting runners in preparing for the Auckland Marathon.

• Sunrise yoga - 60 minute yoga sessions at the Westhaven Mariner.

• Mums All Together - A charity founded with the purpose of supporting new mums in rebuilding their strength while connecting with other new mums.

• On Demand - Our on demand platform with a complete library of HIIT, pilates, yoga workouts.