Corporate Faces of FAT - Phoebe

Phoebe works at Alberts, a hybrid workspace located in Auckland CBD.
In this interview, you will learn more about how Alberts is willing to help their members with health and wellbeing events such as our REVIVE mindfulness series.
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What is your role within the Alberts Team?

I’m the Marketing Executive at Alberts.

How did your company hear about FAT? What has been your / your teams’ experience with FAT so far?

I had heard about FAT through friends and through the fitness industry. We knew our members were keen to come along to events in the day which didn’t involve changing into activewear but were wellness skewed, so the breathwork and meditation series by FAT seemed like a great fit.

ALBERTS & FAT are about to start a Mindfulness Series, can you tell us more about it? And the reason behind this initiative?

We wanted to give our Alberts members the opportunity to slow down and take time to be present, and learn a new skill.

We have a beautiful theatre space in our club at 1 Albert Street, it is sound proofed with adjustable lighting and comfy recliners, we thought it would be the perfect space to host a mindfulness series with FAT.

What advice would you give other companies thinking of getting FAT on board?

Try something different and go for it, working with FAT is a great way to add value for your team!

In your ideal world, what does wellness in the workplace look like?

Balance to fit movement into the day! I try to fit in yoga 2-3 times a week so appreciate flexibility with workplaces to make this happen. I’m looking forward to the opening of our wellness centre soon at our Formery members club which will have a studio room and sauna to make this even easier!

If you could highlight three main benefits you and your colleagues get from your FAT sessions, what would they be?

  • The opportunity to cultivate presence and slow down in the middle of a busy working day.
  • Time to make connections and socialise with our wider Alberts community.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills.