Corporate Faces of FAT - Ella from Commercial Bay

Ella works at NZ Funds in Commercial Bay and comes to the weekly FAT HIIT classes that we run for Commercial Bay Club.
We love seeing Ella turn up each week with a smile, ready to work. Read about how FAT classes have helped her to have a steady fitness routine, and her honest thoughts on why she enjoys the sessions...

What is your role within Commercial Bay Club?

I am an employee at NZ Funds  who fortunately has access to the epic offers available through Commercial Bay Club. It is a great way to interact with colleagues outside of the office as well as meet other members form surrounding businesses.

How did your company hear about FAT and how long have you been training with us?

Our curiosity was sparked after downloading the commercial bay club app. A couple of colleagues and I were looking for ways to mix up our exercise routine and we haven't looked back since. We have been regularly attending FAT since May 2021 and the NZ Funds troop grows weekly.

Briefly explain your experience thus far with FAT?

Outstanding - FAT has been a huge motivator for me getting back into a fitness routine. The classes are suited to every level of fitness and believe it or not, are really fun but never get any easier. I always leave with a smile on my dial thanks to the great instructors.

If you could highlight three main benefits you and your colleagues get from FAT, what would they be?

  1. Having a high intensity HIIT workout in the same building you work in couldn’t get much more convenient or accessible. With just enough time to workout and get ready for work. It is the perfect solution if you have a busy schedule.
  2. There is never a shortage of encouragement and motivation. My colleagues and I hold each other accountable and are always there to encourage and motivate one another to push ourselves.
  3. All levels of fitness abilities are welcomed and the FAT instructors assist you during the workout and give us options to suit different levels of capabilities.

What advice would you give other companies thinking of getting FAT on board?

Absolutely go for it - my colleagues and I at NZ Funds really look forward to our workouts with FAT. It keeps morale high and is a great way to keep your colleagues accountable for looking after their wellbeing whilst having fun and  a laugh at the same time.

In your ideal world, what does wellness in the workplace look like?

Having a reasonable work life balance and maintaining a positive culture whilst encouraging one another to be their best self and to try new things outside of their comfort zone.

How did your team react to the FAT initiative?

Very positively. Having yoga, pilates and HIT means there is something suited to everyone. We are stoked to have access to such a great initiative at our doorstep which we all look forward to attending on a weekly basis.

How has the pandemic affected your approach to wellness as an organisation?

I think the pandemic has really encouraged businesses to adopt a framework that is grounded in holistic wellbeing, flexibility and compassion. It has really motivated us to take greater consideration around the overall wellness of one another and has lead to implementation of new culture and wellness initiatives throughout the firm which is awesome.