Corporate Faces of FAT - Alex from FCB

Alex and his team at FCB have been training with us rain or shine on Thursday mornings this year, and have been smashing their HIIT workouts. Alex loves his work hiit sessions so much that he joins us each weekly in our public classes too.

Read on to hear about what else FCB does for their team's wellbeing; how working out together has benefitted the FCB crew and why Alex keeps coming back!
What is your role within FCB?

I work in the media team here at the FCB as a Strategy Director.

How did you / your company hear about FAT and how long have you been training with us?

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Kev through some friends of ours down at NZME and Kev and the team have been whipping us into shape ever since!

Briefly explain your experience thus far with FAT?

I got a bit bored with the standard gym classes and having to exercise inside only to then spend the rest of my working day in the office, so FAT’s been an amazing change – no session is the same and it's so much nicer to start the day down by the water at Silo park rather than in a sweaty gym!

If you could highlight three main benefits you and your team get from FAT, what would they be?

1. We’re quite a big team so it's been a great way to get to know some of the people who you might otherwise not spend too much time with.

2. Doing it with your workmates helps to keep you accountable when the alarm goes off!

3. It’s provided a really nice balance to the end of the week and the Friday drinks!

What else does your employee wellness program involve?

We’re lucky to get “FCBU Time” which is a half day off every 2 weeks to do the things that help balance out the work side of your life.

How did your team react to the FAT initiative?

Very positively! This is our second year with FAT and the numbers haven’t dropped off yet!

How has the pandemic affected your approach to wellness as an organisation?

It's definitely shone a light on the importance of balance and we’ve been very lucky to see initiatives come through to deliver on that. I think its also given everyone a shared vocabulary to talk more openly about their mental health – we can always do better but its definitely been a positive shift in progress!