ASB Corporate Interview

We are proud to spend our Wednesday lunch times with the ASB Wynyard Quarter team.

The story starts with the jog from the office over to Silo park where the teams meet up - we see smiles, team connection, complaints about last week's sore muscles, fresh air & sunlight. We guide the teams through 45 minutes of High Intensity Training, starting easy then ramping up through rounds of exercise, including the infamous FAT half time challenge. Finishing with some core and a stretch, we send the teams back to the office with the FAT stamp - tired legs and clear heads.

Hear Emma's (Relationship Manager at ASB Property Finance) side of the story below:

What is your role within ASB? 

Relationship Manager at ASB Property Finance

How did your company hear about FAT and how long have you been training with us? 

When I’d finish work I’d see people doing workouts by the silos and it looked fun. My friend at another company was doing workouts through FAT and recommended to give it a try, so I thought I’d give it a go by roping in my colleagues! We have been training with FAT since September last year.

If you could highlight three main benefits you and the team get from FAT, what would they be?

1. getting to train all together, it’s fun and is great team bonding

2. forcing us to get fresh air and break up our day, we’re a busy team and can sometimes forget to make time for ourselves

3. improve our fitness – the workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and are always a challenge!

What advice would you give other companies thinking of getting FAT on board? 

Talk to Kevin and just do it! Programs can be tailored to what your team are after. Health and wellbeing are important in our workplace and for our team, fitness is our outlet for de-stressing and staying motivated. So being able to work out together during the work day has been great!

How did your team react to the FAT initiative? 

They were excited to give it a go and found it fun. Some also hadn’t done group fitness before so it was something new.

How has the pandemic affected your approach to wellness as an organisation? 

It’s more important now than ever and has been a top priority in our workplace.